About Us

Welcome to iGenie Apparel! We are so happy that you are here!

iGenie is not just an apparel company, we are a movement. We believe that every woman possesses a unique magic within her—an enchanting power that radiates from embracing authenticity and inner strength.

Our journey began with the vision to create more than just clothes; we aspire to curate a collection that speaks to the individual magic each woman holds and inspires her to embrace her own power. 

We believe that each woman is a force of nature, embodying the energy of the five elements, water, fire, wind, earth, and metal. Our apparel is designed to celebrate and amplify the unique power that resides within every single one of us. We draw inspiration from the five elements, each representing a facet of inner magic:

Fluidity and adaptability, symbolizing the strength found in flexibility.
Passion and energy, representing the fierce and confident side.
Freedom and movement, embodying the adventurous spirit and independence.
Grounded and nurturing, connecting you to your roots and inner stability and the power of abundance.
Elegance and strength, symbolizing refinement and embracing one's unique shine.