• 1. In a challenging situation, what is your instinctive response?
    a) Face it head-on and take charge (Fire)
    b) Analyze the situation and strategize (Metal)
    c) Adapt and find creative solutions (Wind)
    d) Remain calm and assess the emotional aspects (Water)
    e) Ground yourself and rely on stability (Earth)

    2. What weather do you find most invigorating?

    a) Hot and sunny (Fire)
    b) Cool and breezy (Wind)
    c) Rainy and misty (Water)
    d) Sturdy and stable (Earth)
    e) Crisp and metallic (Metal)

    3. Choose a natural landscape that appeals to you the most:
    a) Volcanic landscapes or deserts (Fire)
    b) Mountainous regions with vast horizons (Wind)
    c) Coastal cliffs and ocean views (Water)
    d) Dense forests and mountains (Earth)
    e) Urban environments with structured design (Metal)

    4. How do you approach goal setting?
    a) Set ambitious and challenging goals (Fire)
    b) Plan with precision and attention to detail (Metal)
    c) Pursue multiple goals simultaneously (Wind)
    d) Establish steady and achievable goals (Earth)
    e) Set goals with emotional significance (Water)

    5. What color resonates with you the most?
    a) Red or orange (Fire)
    b) White or metallic tones (Metal)
    c) Blue or aqua (Water)
    d) Green or brown (Earth)
    e) Pastel shades (Wind)

  • 6. When facing a conflict, what is your typical approach?
    a) Confront the issue directly (Fire)
    b) Seek compromise and mediation (Metal)
    c) Find a diplomatic and balanced solution (Wind)
    d) Take time to understand and empathize (Water)
    e) Stand firm on your principles (Earth)

    7. What is your preferred leisure activity?
    a) Engaging in dynamic or adventurous activities (Fire)
    b) Reading or intellectual pursuits (Wind)
    c) Relaxing by the water or swimming (Water)
    d) Gardening or hiking (Earth)
    e) Engaging in structured or organized tasks (Metal)

    8. How do you handle stress
    a) Take action and face challenges (Fire)
    b) Seek intellectual stimulation (Wind)
    c) Retreat and find solace in water-related activities (Water)
    d) Ground yourself through nature or physical activities (Earth)
    e) Organize and plan to regain control (Metal)

    9. What role do you often find yourself playing in a group?
    a) Leader or motivator (Fire)
    b) Analyzer or strategist (Metal)
    c) Communicator or mediator (Wind)
    d) Nurturer or caretaker (Earth)
    e) Organizer or planner (Metal)

    10. Choose a statement that resonates with you the most:
    a) "I am driven by passion and ambition." (Fire)
    b) "I value precision and organization." (Metal)
    c) "I adapt to change and seek balance." (Wind)
    d) "I prioritize emotional well-being and connections." (Water)
    e) "I find strength in stability and reliability." (Earth)

Scoring (write down your scores)

For each "a" response, assign 1 point to Fire.
For each "b" response, assign 1 point to Metal.
For each "c" response, assign 1 point to Wind.
For each "d" response, assign 1 point to Earth.
For each "e" response, assign 1 point to Water.


The element with the highest score indicates your dominant elemental affinity.
The element with the second highest score indicated your second dominant element affinity.
A balanced score across elements suggests a harmonious blend of multiple elemental influences.

Remember, the magic lies in the exploration of your preferences and the joy of self-discovery. Enjoy the quiz responsibly and have fun uncovering your elemental affinity!


** This affinity quiz is designed for entertainment and self-reflection purposes only. The results provided in this quiz are based on your personal choices and should not be considered as professional advice or a definitive assessment of your personality. The creators of this quiz assume no responsibility for the use or interpretation of the results and encourage users to treat them as a form of entertainment rather than a serious analysis.
The elemental affinities (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Metal) represented in this quiz are symbolic and do not adhere to any scientific or psychological standards. The quiz is created for fun and to encourage introspection into personal preferences and inclinations. **


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